February 9, 2024

Brand Refresh

Is Your Brand Falling Behind? It’s time for a Refresh!
If you feel like your brand is losing its edge and failing to captivate your audiences, it may be time for a brand refresh. When your products and services remain consistent, a refresh rather than complete rebrand can be a cost-effective and impactful way to engage your audiences. Take a cue from some of the major players who hit the refresh button last year, including Pepsi, Peloton, Kona Beer, Stella Artois, Kraft Singles, and Chip Ahoys.

Here are some tips to guide you in assessing and taking action on a brand refresh.
1. Assess Your Current Brand
Compare your brand to competitors. What impression does your brand convey in comparison. If it comes across as dull, outdated, ineffective, it’s time for a refresh.

Does your brand align with your mission and strategic plan? If your strategic plan aims to reach new audiences but it falls short, a refresh is in order.

Analyze your on-line and sales data. If growth is stagnant, a refresh is overdue.

2. Understand and Create Your Message
What message do you want your brand to convey? Refresh your brand with the intended message. Consider Google’s simple, refreshed brand. They changed the font to a more modern, clean font, signaling freshness and effectiveness.

3. Test Your Refreshed Brand
Test your refreshed brand internally as well as with your target audiences. Use focus groups to gather feedback and fine-tune the branding based upon their responses.

4. Recreate the Branding and Communications Guide
Compile all of the changes made to the logo, fonts, colors, and the intended use for refreshed brand. Establish guidelines to ensure all departments and vendors are aligned with the new brand. Be sure to post a clear cut-off date for retiring the old brand.

5. Audit Your Brand
Perform regular brand audits at least every six months to ensure compliance of the brand and record data associated with its use.

Ready to kickstart your brand refresh journey? At Jasmin Group we specialize in helping companies like yours rejuvenate and rebrand. Contact us to get started, Admin @JasminGroupLLC.org.

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