February 9, 2024

Strategic Imperative

You may have an exceptional communications team that skillfully presents your brand, but is that brand consistently communicated across all departments? It’s crucial for your branding to permeate every facet of your organization. Each employee, regardless of department, should understand how to integrate a cohesive brand to contribute to organizational success.
Let’s take a look at some departments within your organization to examine how they may embrace the brand.

IT – While the IT department may not interact with external customers, they should view their fellow employees as customers. If your company brand emphasizes great customer services or that you are problem solving skills, the IT department should embody these qualities in their daily work.

Accounting – Do communications from the accounting department reflect your brand? Are they using the approved fonts, logos, and language consistent with the brand? Despite their focus on numbers, maintaining alignment with the brand is essential within their communications.

Project Teams – These teams can be insular and disconnected from the broader company. At the very least, these teams need to adhere to your communications standards guide to ensure consistent language and messaging. Regular audits of their communications can contribute to the overall coherence of the company’s messaging.

Human Resources – Just like the IT department, HR plays a crucial role in supporting the internal workings of the organization and should offer excellent customer service. This department is instrumental not only demonstrating the brand but also in holding teams and individuals accountable to the brand. Performance evaluation should incorporate a measurement of brand adherence.

Your customer base associates with your brand because they believe in it. It is imperative that all departments fully embrace the brand. Effective branding is a strategic imperative influencing organizational culture, employee behavior, customer satisfaction, and overall success. If you need assistance in initiating or enhancing your branding efforts, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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